We must say at the outset, the information on the pages associated with this site are our opinion and what we have found helpful over the years, everybody has different circumstances which must be taken into account and your specific needs adjusted accordingly. We would like to think other couples and travellers can add their experiences and make this a come to site for those of senior years who still enjoy the thrill of travel.

We decided to set this site up as an aid to older travellers and of course those taking up travelling in later life or retirement. Many older people new to travelling are reluctant to do it themselves and would rather the security of organised travel and that is great, but there is not much out there by way of advice for those who want to go it alone.

We hope this site may help. It will hopefully grow over the next 6 months to provide some useful information.

My wife and I have been lucky enough to travel throughout our lives for busines as well as pleasure so we have been used to travelling wherever we want and in a way that best suites our expectations and ambitions. Over the years and with the ease to access to basically the same information agents have via the internet, we have managed to avoid travel agents on most if not all travel. In fact we have had less than pleasant experienes with agents from Australia, for us usually something goes wrong as a result of inexperienced agents advising from brochures alone.

The following pages have been an attempt to give some information and ideas into the things we have found useful over the years, like internet sites, reading and great places to visit and memory joggers before you leave and while you are away.

For us travel is about getting to know other cultures, trying to immerse yourself in other cultures, great food etc, not overnight visits to cities and visiting retailers with an kick back agreement with your travel guides.

Someone said to me many years ago, there a 2 different types of people who travel. Travellers and Tourists. I think the differences don’t really need explanation.

We put ourselves well and truly in the traveller category.